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"The Anthem is not a toy or a tool. It does not serve to help anyone but itself. The Anthem will always be an unknowable, ever-changing tune. It has... a will. It must create, for it is creation. In that way, it must also destroy, for creation and destruction are merely two edges of the same sword. It cannot be tamed, and for it to be controlled would be... unimaginable."
Radiant Energy

Radiant energy—an 'echo' of the Anthem of Creation

The Anthem of Creation (often simply called "the Anthem") is a powerful force that exists within the world.[1]


The Anthem is the source of pure creation. It has existed since the beginning of time, permeates all aspects of existence[2], and can be channeled.[3] The Shapers used it through their relics to create the world.[1] The relics can tap into "echoes" of this force.[4] Pieces of 'radiant energy' exist as part of these relics (and can be separated from them), that are 'echoes' of the Anthem of Creation.[5]

At times, the Anthem 'bubbles over,' leading to catastrophe.[6] According to The Monitor, the Anthem has destroyed entire civilizations.[7] In the present day, most people don't know if the Shapers created the Anthem, or if they utilized a pre-existing force. But it's clear that the Shapers couldn't bend it to their will.[8]

The Anthem has been the subject of much debate over its origin, limits, and if humans should attempt to channel it. Some believe it is nothing more than story and myth. There are a few who try and study it, namely the Arcanists. There are also those who try to harness it and capture it into weaponry;[3] the Dominion, for instance, is currently attempting to harness it as a weapon.[9] In this, they succeeded to a point through the development of the Valkyrie javelin, which taps into the raw power of the Anthem, boosting the kinetic abilities of its pilot, and unleashing the raw fury of the Anthem as a weapon.[10]