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Anthem Original Soundtrack is an album of musical tracks composed by Sarah Schachner for Bioware's Science Fantasy Video Game, Anthem-logo.png.

The Anthem Original Soundtrack consists of 23 unique pieces of music used throughout the video game and other tie-in media of Anthem[1]. The total duration of the album is 83 Minutes (1 Hour 23 Minutes). It was released on February 22, 2019. The Soundtrack album can be downloaded for free by anyone, or it can be purchased on music on demand services.

Prior to Anthem's launch, during the first official gameplay release in 2017[2], Ted Reedy composed the music. These tracks can be listened on his website under the name Dylan.[3]. This consists of 5 pieces of unique music, with a total duration rounded to 14 minutes.

Project Dylan Track list

Note: The links in the table do not take you to the actual music. These tracks aren't available for download, but can be listened on Ted Reedy's website.

Project Dylan Track List
# Track Name Duration
1 Outpost Morning 3:13
2 Tribe of the North 3:16
3 Heart of the Valley 3:75
4 Survive 1:02
5 Arrival 1:34

Anthem Track List

Note: The links in the table do not take you to the actual music. The download link for the soundtrack is available in the next section.

Anthem OST Track List
# Track Name Duration
1 Legion of Dawn 3:46
2 Valor 2:48
3 The Anthem of Creation 2:40
4 The Freelancers 1:51
5 Strong Alone, Stronger Together 3:56
6 First Flight 2:31
7 The Monitor 3:17
8 Ancient Mysteries 4:11
9 The Titan 3:15
10 Scar Struck 4:42
11 The Enclave 3:49
12 Outlaw Ambush 4:44
13 Old Friends 1:31
14 The Chimera 4:26
15 The Emerald Abyss 1:55
16 In The Shadow Of The Gods 6:16
17 Haluk's Wisdom 4:33
18 The Fall Of Freemark 5:00
19 Tarsis Nights 3:42
20 Hidden Depths 4:18
21 Blackshore 2:05
22 Into The Heart of Rage 5:38
23 Reflections 1:45


The Anthem Original Soundtrack, at launch, was only available for players who purchased the Legion of Dawn Edition of Anthem or upgraded their Standard Edition to the Legion of Dawn Edition.

Since the 1st of June, 2022, Electronic Arts made all extra content of many of their titles, such as Anthem Original Soundtrack available for everyone to download![4][5]

The full soundtrack can be legally downloaded as a zipped folder of WAV files here for free!

The soundtrack is also available on various music platforms where individual tracks can be purchased:


  • The Track “Legion of Dawn”, which plays on the main menu of the game, was performed live during the Game Awards in 2018.