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Animations are cosmetic items in Anthem that are used to animate the Freelancer's javelin.

Animation Types

There are three types of animations:

  • Arrival Animations: Performed by the Freelancer's javelin when an expedition begins.
  • Emotes: Can be performed by any ally lancer during the middle of an expedition.
  • Victory Poses: Performed by the Freelancer and their team during the end of an expedition.


Although animations are exclusively used by The Freelancer, other ally lancers can be seen performing emotes such as waving or dance or flare throw during expeditions while not in combat.

Arrival Animations an dVictory poses are only available to the Freelancer.

Of course, all movable entities in teh game can be considerd to be animated, by definition, special animations are only available to the Freelancer.

Methods to Obtain

Animations are very versatile and can be obtained in many different ways:

List of Animations by Types

The below list only shows the names of the animation. go to the individual page or animation sub type for images and details.

Animations.png ANIMATIONS

Arrival Animations


Victory Poses

Unobtainable Animations