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Acid Damage.png

Acid is physical type of damage which can reduce the resistance of enemies. Any target who is weakened temporarily through Acid, will have a green wavy pattern on their body.

Acid damage floaties are green in color.


Acid damage can do 1x the damage mentioned in the details of any weapon or gear without considering additional bonuses and multipliers. However, when an enemy is under the Acid Status, the net damage becomes 1.25x. If additional weakening effects from support gears are considered, then the net damage will be 1.67x.

Armored Targets

Acid is highly effective against Armored targets (yellow health) dealing 1.5x the damage mentioned in the statistics of the Combat Equipment. If additional weakening effect from supports are considered, then the net damage will be 2x. If an Armored target is under Acid status, the net damage it can receive is 2.25x. If an additional weakening effect from supports are included, the damage net damage done will be 3x.

Shielded Targets

Acid is very weak towards Shielded targets (blue health) dealing 0.5x the damage mentioned in the statistics of Combat Equipment. If additional weakening effect from supports are considered, it can do 0.67x. Shielded targets cannot be primed or under status effect unless their shields are depleted. So, damage done to shields cannot have a weakening effect from Acid Status.

Other Features

Acid damage has several other features:

  • Acid can be used to prime enemies if the combat equipment is a Primer. Enemies primed with acid will have Acid-Status-icon.png acid primed icon hovering above them.
  • Acid Blast Damage does the same damage as mentioned above, but within a blast radius.
  • Acid can be found in the environment in the form of acid pools. Stepping into such pools can do acid damage over time and induce an acid status to anybody.
  • Acid canisters can be found in places of combat. If they are destroyed or if they explode, they release a mist of acid which can do sustained damage to anyone inside the mist until it disappears.

Acid Damage Dealing Enemies

The following enemies do Acid Damage and Acid Blast Damage to their foes. Acid Blast Damage dealing enemies will have Acid Blast-icon.png acid blast icon before their attack names in their respective page, but not in-game.

List of Enemies 

Acid Damage Combat Equipment

The following weapons and gear can do Acid Damage (single target) to enemies during combat.

List of Combat Equipment 

Acid Blast Damage Combat Equipment

Acid Blast damage is the area of effect acid damage done within a blast radius mentioned in the statistics of a weapon or gear.

List of Combat Equipment 


  • Unlike other damage types, acid damage is organic, which means it can only be produced through natural means.
  • From the perspective of lore, acid is obtained through creatures like Skorpion.
  • The entire premise of Tyrant Mine is that Scars had found a source of Acid to create new weapons. The source was Skorpion eggs.
  • Most fauna can do acid damage.
  • Acid Damage and Status effect inducing capabilities can be improved by using Acid Sigil.